Month: May 2021

The history of Byzantine Coins

You must have seen pawn shops in their countless numbers while travelling throughout Illinois. And among all the valuable items in those shops, you must have encountered ancient or mediaeval coins. Byzantine coins in Illinois are one of them that are considered quite valuable amongst the locals.

Let’s learn everything we can about byzantine coins so we can understand why they are so expensive.

History of Byzantine coinage

The Byzantine Empire’s coinage carried on the traditions of its older forebears. It served as a practical means of payment for goods and services, particularly to soldiers and officials, as well as a way for people to pay their taxes. In addition, coins were still the most effective way for rulers to project their image and remind the populace to whom they were supposed to be loyal.

The gold solidus or nomisma was unquestionably the star of the Byzantine purse. It was first used by Constantine I in the fourth century CE and ruled as the gold standard for 700 years before being eventually supplanted by the electrum hyperpyron in the twelfth century CE.

Now, you must be wondering why anyone would like to acquire a currency so old and not even in use. Well, there is a term for that.

Another term for collecting coins

The systematic collection and study of coins, tokens, paper money, and other objects with a similar form and function are known as coin collecting or numismatics. One of the world’s oldest pastimes is coin collecting. However, except for China and Japan, the paper money’s introduction is a relatively recent phenomenon. As a result, while paper money and other types of notes are collectable, their history differs from that of collecting coins and is mainly modern.

Now that we know the name for this pastime, let’s examine the benefits of having a passion for coin collecting.

An excellent source of making good money

Whether you like it or not, coin collecting can be advantageous. Not only do many coins increase in value, but if you try collecting and decide it’s not for you, you’ll probably get all of your money back, which is unusual for most investments. In addition, some coins’ values will change along with the metal’s price. Fortunately, the cost of those metals usually increases over time.

Do it for the aesthetics.

You might be looking for the most elusive coins available. Of course, these will cost more, but one of their best selling points is frequently the rarity of the coins. The rarity of some coins may be enough to bankroll you for life if you are fortunate enough to discover a lost treasure. In addition to rarity, Byzantine coins in Illinois collecting also highly value aesthetic appeal and design. Some coin collectors define beauty as luster and perfection, while others look for coins with appealing methods or compositions.

Legacy for your future generations

If you want to live in reality, when your children are adults, paper and coin money might not even exist. In light of this, many parents are comfortable buying brand-new coins straight from the bank or mint in anticipation of a rise in value from which their kids and subsequent generations will profit.


Old coins symbolize various eras’ history, art, and economy. As a result, coin collecting is a unique habit, and many Illinois residents are passionate about collecting Byzantine coins in Illinois or ancient coins from other historical periods.

To display your prized possessions to your children, you can collect old coins and hang them on the wall of fame in your home.

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If you are a higher-risk businessman, look for that scam checking tool to guarantee the fraudsters along the way. Jetski from an inspection inside your scammers who is able to attempt to remove the information you have connected along with your industry. Make an application for PCI-DSS compliance, API incorporation, and much more for your effective transaction.

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