Aug 26


7:00 PM
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Gala of the Royal Horses Presents Carousel of Dreams

Follow a young girl and her fairy godmother into an equine dreamland and experience the majesty, splendor, and amazement of the Gala of the Royal Horses as they’ve never been experienced before. Brought to you by world-renowned riding master Rene Gasser, the stunning world of Gala of the Royal Horses: Carousel of Dreams immerses audiences in spectacular, tantalizing live performance, featuring the most beautiful horses in the world  "The Royal Horses of Europe" which includes the Lipizzaner Stallion, the Spanish Andalusian, the Friesian and the majestic Arabian horse.  Live the dream with this young girl as she explores the magic of her dreams and works to find her purpose in life.

"Carousel of Dreams" gives audiences the chance to experience the excitement, spendor, and majesty of the most beautiful horses in the world like never before.  This spectacular show combines stunning horses with live performers creating a breathtaking event for the entire family!



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