Nov 15


10:00 AM



November 15, 2017 - 10 am - 3 pm at Convention Hall in Enid

hosted by City of Enid and The Office of Emergency Management

Open to the public, business owners, school officials, all levels of government around the area. 

 Lunch for attendees

YOU MUST RSVP to or as soon as possible, with your name and the names of anyone else you may bring with you.

We’ll have 5 dynamic speakers:

 Albert Ashwood-State Director of Emergency Management-OEM

William Smith-Chair/Coordinator of the Oklahoma Flood Plain Association Disaster Response Team

Kristen Atchley- State Board of Education

Rick Smith- Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service

Matt Rollins- State Mitigation Officer-OEM

 You will walk away with additional knowledge and ideas to help you, your businesses, your schools, and your jurisdictions make the best decisions possible to become DISASTER RESILIENT.

 Mitigation may be the most important phase of the emergency management continuum, because it’s the only phase of the four with the potential to eliminate or reduce the need for the other phases.

We really need to harden our preparedness capabilities. I feel that if you have a strong mitigation program that involves the public, our schools, all businesses, and of course all levels of government working together, Disaster Resilience is possible. IT CAN’T HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU! – Mike Honigsberg

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