Making a difference in e-commerce market    


DeltaMay is a leader in order fulfillment, but it has carved out a reputation in the e-commerce fulfillment market. It is owned by Safi International, and like other all order fulfillment companies packs, ships, monitors inventory and has warehouse facilities all across the country.

The company helps e-commerce businesses meet their goals to be successful. It offers a wide-ranging platform of services from analytics backed decision support system, distributed warehouses to inventory management to ensure its business commitments become real.
Here is a look at some of the popular services:

White label service

DeltaMay’s “white label service” is a valuable component of its operation that business clients can leverage. Using this service can help these clients expand their companies.

“Your customers will never know that anyone, but your company is involved in fulfilling and shipping their orders,” DeltaMay states on its website at “We work behind the scene, so your business can get all the spotlight.”

Order fulfillment companies such as Red Stag and eFulfillment Service do not advertise any white label service on their websites. Shipwire, however, offers “branded communications” as part of its e-commerce service.

A white label service provides a platform for business clients to educate their customers about the scope of products and services they offer.  Branded advertising materials sent to customers can help business clients scale their businesses, domestically and globally.  Business clients can also use white-label service to improve their reputations and develop customer loyalty. It can also lead to growth in revenue and profits, a goal any business owner wants to achieve.

Managing Inventory

Another service offered is managing inventory. As part of this service, DeltaMay helps clients to continue to stay in business. It is difficult for some business owners to strike the right balance when managing inventory level, but the company’s expertise in that area can eliminate any concerns.

An inadequate inventory management system can lead to a business client purchasing excessive products, resulting in losing money. And not enough products on hand can mean missed profit and possibly dissatisfied customers.

The company’s award-winning AI and EDI systems help DeltaMay facilitate its inventory management structure. These software systems automate the process and will suggest the right level of inventory based on forecasting information.

While Rakuten Super Logistics offers a return management service, its website does not lay out an overall inventory management service.

Dedicated account manager

When business owners partner with DeltaMay, each business client is assigned a dedicated account manager. This personalized account manager is responsible for handling all issues, questions and challenges. And these managers serve as resources to help business clients understand all areas of the partnership they have formed with DeltaMay. This individual will guide each client through the initial first few weeks of using the company’s services. And that account manager will remain your contact as long as you continue to work with the company.

According to their websites, Red Stag, eFulfillment Service, and Shipwire do not offer dedicated account managers to each business client.

The assigned account manager is a valuable service to business clients and is in addition to the customer support. The customer support staff is available to business clients 24 hours a day, every day.

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