Carrying a large inventory can have both positive as well negative consequences on business operations. This is one of the reasons why businesses think of securing inventory financing options. While this is a form of debt-based funding, you need to have a clearer idea about the same before you secure the finance.

What is inventory financing?

This is a very simpler form of financing that businesses can utilise to buy instant inventory. The lenders set a repayment schedule for you to pay back the loan. If all the money is paid back within the destined time, you can easily sell and utilise the inventory as you want.

Failing to repay might lead the lender to repossess your inventory or proceed towards seizing other inventories that have the same value. Despite these drawbacks, small and medium-sized businesses always prefer using this because of its flexibility of paying back the money. This is also an overall budget-friendly financial solution.

Is this a secured or unsecured loan?

With most of the loans majorly falling in two categories, secured and unsecured, the design of acquiring and disbursing the loan differs in each case. The inventory financing is termed as a self-secure loan where the inventory getting purchased through the loan serves as the collateral itself.

The loan or lines of credit that you can receive depends on your financial situation, industry, and credit history. It also depends largely on your lender.

How to qualify for the loan?

The business must possess the necessary collaterals and the needs for funding in order to qualify for the finances. Here are some of the baseline qualifications that are required:

  • Being a product-based business
  • Being a business that is at least a year old
  • Meeting the minimum requirements set by the lender
  • Having a detailed financial history ready
  • Must be diligent in the business to date

What can be the costs?

The costs of the financing depend on the kind of products that the lenders offer. There can be modes of standard loans, short-term loans, credit lines or direct financing. The interest rates, APRs, service and origination fees hence depend on this. To understand if you are receiving the best deals, try comparing the APRs for various lenders.

Securing the Accord Financial retail inventory financing will be a deal-breaker financial acquisition for your business to bring your inventory back on track.