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Buying Land: How to Buy Land in Oklahoma

If you are looking for a new investment property, buying land is an option. There are many benefits to this type of investment. Depending on the land, you can use it as residential, commercial, or agricultural land, or you can invest in it to build a home. Buying land is a great way to diversify your investments in a way that can help protect your capital. It is important to know about land for sale comanche county oklahoma. In this post, we will be walking you through the process of buying land, the factors to consider, and the steps to make the process easier.

Buying land in Oklahoma is not really that difficult. There are many different ways to purchase land in Oklahoma. You do not have to be a millionaire to own land in Oklahoma. Here are a few tips that can help you buy land in Oklahoma.

What to consider when buying land?

When buying land, the first thing you should consider is the type of land you want to buy. Do you want to buy land for farming, for hunting, for hiking, for camping, or for just a place to have a picnic? Next, you should think about the type of land you want to buy. Do you want to buy land in a rural area, or do you want to buy land in a city? 

How to buy land in Oklahoma?

Buying land in Oklahoma is fairly easy. There are a few steps that you need to take in order to make the purchase. The first step is to find a piece of land that you are interested in. You must find a piece of land that is close to a city or town. You should also find a piece of land that has a high amount of acreage. In Oklahoma, a minimum of five acres is required for a residential land purchase. 

You should also make sure that there is a sewer and water line on the land in order to make the purchase. Once you have found a piece of land that you are interested in, you need to contact the seller. You will need to make an offer to the seller. This offer should be in writing and should be sent via email or fax. The seller will then have the option to accept or reject your offer. If the seller accepts your offer, then you will need to sign an agreement and pay the seller the amount that you offered. After the seller has signed the agreement and you have paid the seller, the land will be yours.


You will need to do your research and educate yourself on the process before you start. By educating yourself, you will be able to make the best decision for you and your family. You will also be able to find out about the different types of land available and what is the best type for your family.


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Tips to Find Best Trading Course  


When searching for a trading course, there are several key features that you should consider. One of these is whether the course is suitable for beginners. The best trading course (สอนเทรด, term in Thai) for beginners will be different for each person. But it is a good idea to follow these few tips:

How to find the Best Trading Course?

  1. Find a course that is low cost and has a good reputation. It is not necessary to pay a lot of money, but there are some courses that are very expensive and do not offer anything special. You can find free courses on the Internet, but most of them are not worth it. If you want to learn trading, you should spend your time on a course that really helps you with your trading skills and not just show you how to get rich quick by taking your money in the wrong way.
  2. The best way to find the right course is to ask other people who have already taken the course or traded with it before with any kind of success or failure. If they like their experience, then they will certainly say so in an honest manner without hiding anything from you which could be useful information for you in order to find a good course.
  3. The next step is to find out what kind of trading courses are available in the market. You can search for them on the Internet or read about them in magazines and newspapers. If you want to find a good course, you need to do some research because there are a lot of bad ones that do not teach you anything at all and only make money by taking your money away from you.
  4. The next step is to find the right course that teaches you how to trade with a proper strategy and not just with a ‘penny-pinching’ one. You need to find one that really works and teaches you how to use it properly in order to make money.
  5. The last step is to take your time and do an in-depth research on the course before deciding whether or not you want it, because there are a lot of scams out there that are simply impossible for you to avoid if you don’t know what they are.

Practice makes perfect

When choosing the best trading course, it is important to remember that it is not just about the content, but also the way the course is structured. The best courses have an interactive, real-world approach that attracts traders and those who have some prior knowledge of trading. They also come with customer support, which is available around the clock. Moreover, they include expert guidance from an advisor who is knowledgeable about the course material.

To ensure that you get the most out of your trading course, make sure you practice what you learn. If you are new to trading, try out different strategies and assets first, but practice on paper before going live with real money.


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5 Services Offered By An Accounting Firm | Forensic Accounting In Singapore

Businesses, small or big, need assistance to ensure that their company is doing well. Establishing one is not all about earning money but also providing jobs for many. One example of service you can get is forensic accounting in Singapore. So if you want to improve your business with the help of accounting firms, do not miss checking these services:


Companies need to be aware of the tax they need to pay to avoid having issues with the government and their business partners. Computing will tell you of other payments you need to prepare for, especially if you are looking forward to expanding. To help you with taxes, get a business tax advisory service.


If you are in the business industry, you know how important it is to check progress. Inspect everything in it, especially the performance and the finances. With this service, you can see the issues you might face and find solutions.


Embezzlement and fraud are some of the problems that many companies experience. But you can avoid it from happening by getting litigation support services. You can have clean records in the business industry, and it helps garner more partners.


Entrepreneurs need someone they can trust. So, hiring people who are already professionals in the field is one of the things you can do. Check their background, work experiences, and even their previous jobs to see how they can help you and build a good relationship with them.


Get the assistance of professionals in establishing your business. And, you can get it with the help of forensic support services. They have different expertise, especially when it comes to accounting and the law.

These are just some of the services that an accounting firm can offer your business. They have other offers, but you need to check if your company needs them. Learn more about forensic accounting and other services in Singapore by visiting the website of Nexia TS.

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Commercial Loan Demand – a Mixed Bag 

In the current economic environment with rising interest rates and high inflation, it would be understandable if businesses were reluctant to access the credit markets. After all, the price of money has risen dramatically since last year at this time when interest rates were hovering near zero. However, businesses are not shying away from debt and, in fact, are turning to commercial and industrial loans more and more. The commercial real estate market, however, is feeling the pain.

The catalysts for the increase in business borrowing are twofold: a need among business owners for liquidity coupled with soaring payroll costs amid wage inflation. Loan issuance by U.S. commercial banks rose to approximately $2.8 trillion for the week ended Oct. 12, Federal Reserve data in the below chart show.


This compares to $2.771 trillion in the week prior. This amount may hover below the pandemic peak of over $3 trillion in business loan issuance, but the milestone was reached in the spring of 2020, fueled by government stimulus funds.

TD Bank is among the financial institutions that are seeing evidence of this trend despite the economic headwinds, chief among which for banks has been rates hovering at their highest rate in 14 years. TD Bank’s Chris Giamo, head of U.S. commercial lending, in an interview with Bloomberg described loan growth as “moderate,” saying,

“Depending on where rates end up leveling off, in certain sectors, you may see flat to low growth, but in others, you’ll still see growth.” 

TD Bank’s business loan book expanded by 2% between May and July 2022 vs. the year-ago period (minus any pandemic-related PPP effect.) Businesses have been hoarding cash from early in the health crisis, as a result of which they are hanging in there today. Nevertheless, small businesses continue to face a perfect storm of a talent shortage, sky-high inflation, and increasing interest rates. Businesses have been resilient in the face of these challenges, and their portfolios are not reflecting the “negative trends,” according to Giamo.

Meanwhile, business loan delinquencies hovered at a rate of 1.02% as of the end of the first half of the year, down from 1.13% at year-end 2021, as per Fed data. They are a far cry from the 4.47% level reached around the time of the Great Financial Crisis.

It’s also possible that small business loans are about to get more affordable for entrepreneurs as Washington, D.C. seeks to prop them up. A spending bill dubbed the Access Business Credit (ABC) Act is designed to incentivize small business owners to take out loans by making them more affordable. The legislation is framed so that community banks could get a tax break on the interest income they earn from issuing small business loans.

Commercial Real Estate Market

Meanwhile, the rising rate environment has taken a toll on the commercial real estate market and multi-family commercial borrowing and lending in particular.

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), commercial and multifamily mortgage borrowing and lending are estimated to come in at $766 billion in 2022, a 14% decline vs. 2021 levels. Higher interest rates coupled with economic uncertainty have put a damper on activity in the second half of this year.

Multifamily lending is projected to fall to $455 billion this year, down 7% vs. last year’s all-time high of $487 billion. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as the borrowing and lending market should recover next year to $848 billion and $451 billion in total commercial real estate lending and multifamily lending, respectively, the MBA says.

Patrick Carroll, Founder and CEO of a firm that bears his name, told CNBC, “Lending is all but dried up.” He said lenders have no clarity into which direction rents are headed, or rates for that matter. So, they’re on the sidelines for financing, which has brought the commercial real estate market to an abrupt halt.

The scene reminds Carroll of when the housing bubble burst. He believes it’s possible that the real estate market could be headed for another downturn, the proportions of which the industry hasn’t seen since 2008. He believes it’s a debt and financing issue, saying that lenders tend to overextend themselves and forget about bad times.” He warns that bad times are coming.


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How do I choose the right dental clinic in Singapore?

When looking for a dentist or a dental clinic, it is always important to make the right decision. However, the decision-making process can be tricky as many dentists are available in Singapore. Not getting your oral health checked can lead to major health complications. Also, many of them delay their treatment which leads to more complications. Instead of wasting time, it is important to look for the right dental clinic from the Greenlife dental price list and book a slot. To proceed, you should consider the below-listed parameters and hire a licensed dentist.

  • A Personal Decision 

Do the thought of visiting a well-known and experienced dentist make you anxious? If so, you should first relax and feel like they are your partner. But it will only happen if you visit a licensed and reputed dentist. You can go for routine oral health check-ups and get the right treatment. In that way, you can prevent dental diseases and reduce other health risks like cardiovascular diseases.

  • Get Some Reference From Your Family And Friends 

Most of them need to visit a dentist at some point in time. To start with the research process, you should always prepare a list of potential dentists operating in Singapore. You can start asking your friends, relatives, family members, and other healthcare providers for referrals. In addition, you can conduct online research to find out about dentists in Singapore. Once you have the list, you can call the dentist and book a consultation.

  • Finding Out The Credentials Of The Dentist 

The next parameter is to determine the dentist’s credentials by researching them. It reveals the details of the dentist’s necessary skills, training, and experience. Along with all these details, you should check if they have any history of malpractice or other disciplinary actions. Also, look for training hospitals, medical schools, and certifications to decide whom to visit.

  • The Different Payment Options Available 

Many individuals prefer to use the buy now pay later in Singapore option but not every dental clinic offers this feasibility. That’s why patients must look for the wide variety of payment options available and decide which one to opt for. In this situation, they will have the feasibility to make payments according to their wish.            

  • Finding The Right Insurance Policy 

Buyers should look for the right insurance policy and opt for one they can use whenever needed. Every insurance policy is different, so they have to be careful while getting one. Patients must compare the insurance policies offered by the top insurance companies to make a choice. The best critical illness insurance Singapore will cover all the expenses incurred in your dental check-up.

  • Check The Experience The Dentist Holds 

When visiting a dentist to improve your oral health, the experience of a dentist matters the most. The more years of experience a dentist holds, the better results patients can experience. Over these years, they have handled many patients, which has improved their expertise and skills. That way, they can improve the patient’s health by giving the right medication to them.

  • Evaluating The Communication Style Of A Dentist 

Pick a dental expert with whom you are comfortable discussing your problem and who supports your requirements. You should ask a few questions on your first visit and check their response. Find if they welcome your queries thinking theirs or if they ignore them. Did you feel they are rushing to some conclusion, or will you understand and take care of your needs appropriately? Look for a dentist interested in solving your problem and paying attention to your treatment preferences. That will help in the decision-making process, and you will be able to recover quickly.

  • Is Gender A Concern?

While visiting a dentist, it is important to make yourself feel comfortable. In this regard, many of them might not think of ready to discuss the complexities of the opposite gender. In such a situation, they prefer to go with their gender. Therefore, it helps them to discuss their issues and get the necessary treatment.

  • Going Through The Reviews Written By Patients 

Reading through the review section of the website will help in finding out what patients have to say about the dentist and the treatment. If they are not satisfied, there is no chance of you visiting the clinic. In short, the reviews will give a brief idea of what to do. Also, it becomes easier to eliminate the names of patients who are not up to the mark according to patients they have treated.

The Ending Note

With all the above parameters, patients can easily decide on the dental clinic and the dentist who can offer the right treatment. Besides that, they can look for insurance policies that cover all the expenses while going for an oral health check-up.

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All That You Need To Consider Before You Start Investing


In schools, we learn about bodies, our environment, physics, and math but little about money. Educational institutions don’t necessarily emphasize how we should manage our money. Investment is a skill that is extremely important to hone at an early stage. We need to develop a habit of investing as it will secure our future and earn us a better lifestyle. Warren Buffet says, “Investing is simple, but not easy.” The sentence makes sense. 

To invest or buy stocks, we must set some money aside. However, it is not as easy as it seems because the concept might seem simple, but implementing it cannot be easy. Therefore, we must develop the habit of regularly setting aside a certain amount to invest in shares. For this purpose, we need to differentiate between desire and needs. Following are a few practical steps you can take if you are ready to invest:

  • Research: The basic knowledge of Demat account opening, stocks, and mutual funds is imperative to make your financial decisions effortlessly. You must understand the platforms, companies, and schemes you plan to invest in. It is also vital for you to learn fundamental concepts like financial definitions, order types, types of accounts, market status, and more. Don’t worry about the financial world’s complex jargon; once you start educating yourself about finance, you will learn everything organically. 
  • Analyze The Risks Involved- To avoid loss, you must analyze the risk associated with your investing move from the beginning. Verifying the Demat account and stock market app & comparing all similar schemes is an excellent way to assess the risks associated with the investment. Although you can avoid losses if you evaluate the risks well and make decisions accordingly, preparing well before putting money into shares or mutual funds is a good idea. 
  • Make Informed Decisions- A lot about investing consists of controlling your emotions as the market sentiments towards the company shows the price of its shares. There can be many short-term changes based on the speculations and feelings of the claims. Although, it is better to make decisions based on a systematic analysis of the claims. 
  • Diversify Your Portfolio- Investing in multiple stocks in a trading account is an excellent idea to reduce your investment risk. However, ensure your decision is backed by solid research and experience. This method helps mitigate the risk of safety & loss. Thus, if you liquidate shares for one company, the profit gained by the rest of your investment can help balance the loss. 

Hence, you must understand the dos and don’ts of investment before staking your hard-earned money. However, knowing if you are willing to do the needful is easy. Numerous videos, books, and blogs can teach you about the stock market and mutual funds and share helpful tips to ease your stock investment journey. 


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Kavan Choksi – How Can You Effectively Manage Bond Portfolios With 4 Methods?

Investing in bonds looks easy and direct. However, a basic rule is to keep in mind to gain profitable returns. It would help if you always went in for the bond that gives you the optimal returns. To the typical observer, it might seem simple with deposit certificates from esteemed financial institutions. In reality, it is not that simple as you need to be aware of four methods to help you manage your portfolios better to give you the yields you deserve!

Kavan Choksi- Four techniques to build wealth with bonds

Business expert Kavan Choksi is a highly skilled and esteemed entrepreneur in monetary instruments and investments. According to him, four methods help you to build wealth smartly with bonds. They are the passive (purchase and maintain) technique, quasi passive (index bond matching) technique, quasi lively (immunization) technique, and the devoted and energetic method.

A glimpse into these four methods 

Before embracing any of the four methods for building wealth, you should know what they each mean and their pros and cons.

Passive purchase and maintenance technique 

In the first method, the passive purchase and maintain technique, the investor aims to optimize their returns on the bonds. Here, the investor shops for the bonds and keeps them until maturity. Their earnings can be optimized for the other exterior profits or re-invested into the portfolio. The fundamental principle is these bonds are secure and predictable.

Indexing bond 

This technique can be called quasi-passive in design because its crucial goal is to supply a threat and return trait to the investor linked to the index query. It has some features of the first technique; however, there is an element of flexibility, too, like supervising a positive inventory market index. It can also be structured in a way where a revealed bond index can be copied, like The Barclays US Mixture Bond Index, a popular index that managers have copied.

Immunization technique

This method has the salient traits of the lively and passive techniques for building wealth with bonds. It implies that the immunization syncs in with the liability period and property to cover the fluctuations in the interest rates.

Energetic bond 

The goal of this method is to maximize the total returns, but at the same time, there are some threats to note. Here, the investor should place his bets long-term over settling for a shorter period.

Business experts state that every method has pros and cons, so it is prudent to know about them before you deploy them for wealth-building needs.

In response to Kavan Choksieach technique has its professionals and cons. Nevertheless, being conscious of them essentially lets you take pleasure in earnings in the long term. It is vital to perceive the number of dangers you’ll be able to take earlier than investing in bonds to make prudent decisions without worrying about your monetary future! You need always to seek the advice of a funding advisor that can assist you in selecting the appropriate technique for wealth construction.

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Applying for a Long-Term Visit Pass? Here’s what you need to know

The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) allows foreign nationals to stay in Singapore for an extended period of time with their family members. The LTVP is issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). An LTVP holder has many of the same privileges as a PR, such as the ability to work in Singapore and access public housing. They are also allowed to enrol their children in local schools. However, LTVP holders are not entitled to government subsidies and are not automatically granted citizenship or PR status.

MOM issues Long-Term Visit Pass to certain members of eligible Employment Pass (EP), Single Parent Pass (S Pass), EntrePass, and Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) holders. The pass must be applied by the employee of the main pass holder or an authorized third party for EP and S Pass holder’s dependents. For dependents of EntrePass and PEP, the application must be carried out by the employee of the main pass holder.

Local Public Company

The eligibility criteria for S Pass, EP, and PEP holders for applying for an LTVP

The eligibility criteria for S Pass, EP, and PEP holders are given below:

The Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) allows foreign spouses, unmarried children and parents of Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents to enter and stay in Singapore for a long period of time.

To be eligible for an LTVP, the applicant must be sponsored by a family member who is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. The sponsor must also meet certain income criteria.

Spouses and children of Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who hold an Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass are eligible to apply for an LTVP. Parents of Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who hold a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) are also eligible to apply for an LTVP.

Tips for Applying Successfully for a Long-Term Visit Pass

The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) allows foreigners to stay in Singapore for an extended period of time, usually for work or family reasons. If you are planning on applying for an LTVP, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to increase your chances of being approved.

First and foremost, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. You must be sponsored by a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident and must have a valid reason for wanting to stay in Singapore for an extended period of time.

Also, put together all the required documents. These include your passport, sponsor’s passport, sponsor’s proof of residence in Singapore, your birth certificate, and your marriage certificate (if applicable). Finally, submit your application online at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority website.

The application process for a Long-Term Visit Pass is not difficult, but it is important to make sure that you have all of the required documents. If you have any questions, it is always best to ask the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority for clarification.

So, the Long-Term Visit Pass is a great opportunity for foreign partners of Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents to stay in Singapore for an extended period of time. It is important to note that the LTVP is not a work pass, and holders are not allowed to work without a valid work permit. The LTVP also does not guarantee automatic renewal, and holders must reapply for the pass before it expires.

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